Grace Healthcare of Whites Creek is a wonderful facility. My husband has been here for three years, and I am very happy with the level of care. The staff are very pleasant and knowledgeable.
I have had my loved one at Grace Healthcare of Whites Creek for many years and I am very happy with the level of care.
My dad was at Grace Healthcare of Whites Creek last fall for rehab. Being a former nursing home social worker, I can be quite critical. His stay there was fantastic. The rehab was great. They stayed in contact with me regarding his progress. The nursing staff took excellent care of him, as well. I visited on a daily basis and could see how well he was doing. In fact, he wanted to stay and not return to his assisted living. I would definitely recommend this facility.
My brother-in-law had been receiving care at Grace for the past several months. I could not have been happier with the care that he received while he was here. The staff was very accommodating and helpful. They always showed kindness and compassion. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for any level of care for their loved one.
I am so relieved my sister returned to Grace Healthcare [of Whites Creek] this time for long-term care. She is where she needs to be, with people that take very good care of her. I can tell that the staff at Grace have compassion for their residents, as well as the family members. I am thankful for Grace Healthcare.
I couldn’t be happier with the stay my parents are having at this facility. Both of my parents have been residing here for the past four years. The staff is so warm and giving. Everyone speaks to my parents and knows who they are; they are part of the family. The communication from the nursing staff and physicians is top notch. If anything changes in either of my parent’s condition, I am notified immediately. That gives me peace of mind knowing that they are being well cared for. I highly recommend this facility to anyone that needs care for their loved ones.